A Younger Woman

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-27144-1 # 1074 April

HE'D TAUGHT HER HOW TO KISS, HOW TO MAKE LOVE, HOW TO LOVE.........And then he'd broken her heart. So if it hadn't been for that pesky gunshot wound in her arm, Margo certainly wouldn't have found herself being held captive-for her own good, of course-in his house, his bed, handcuffed to his gorgeous, naked body.And her body wouldn't have betrayed her at his heated stare, his electric touch, his very presence.

She'd still be hating Ryland Archard, instead of hating herself for wanting him--a man who was still too old for her, a jaded cop who kept a .38 Special in his breadbox...and her heart and future in his hands.

Beneath The Silk

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-27227-8 ( # 1157 June )

HE COULD GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH THE DEVEL.But fortunately that wasn't going to be necessary. Because detective Jackson Ward, the New Orleans P.D.'s loose cannon - otherwise known as the chief's biggest pain in the butt this side of the Cabildo - was suddenly reassigned. To his home territory in Chicago. To clear the name of the chief's daughter in a murder mess so many layers deep that only someone connected could be trusted with the job.......OR AN ANGEL......​

When Sunni Blais was implicated in a mob-related murder, even she knew she needed some help, pronto. But how could it possibly come from the drop-dead gorgeous hunk who'd been dogging her every move since last week? Clearly, she was his target. The question was... what would he do with her once he had her?

The Right Side of the Law 

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-27180-8 # 1110 October

Kristen Harris was desperate to uncover the truth about who she had been before her memory was stolen from her. Her search had led her to the New Orleans waterfront and the most compelling - and perhaps the most dangerous - man she could ever have imagined....Blue Dufray seemed to know every dark and deadly secret from the French Quarter to the Louisiana bayou country - and every way to stir a woman's deepest desires. And even as he helped her chase away the shadows shrouding her past, he was making her dream of a future - in his arms...But what if the truth of her past threatened this growing love - and even their very lives....?

" Demonstrating a flair for romantic adventure and sizzling romance, Wendy Rosnau shines in THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW " Romantic Times October 2001 41/2 Stars" 

THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW... A Romantic Times TOP PICK " Romantic Times TOP PICK"

THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW. - This one is a winner. If you like mystery, intrigue, and romance blended together, grab yourself a copy. " Rendezvous Magazine October 2001

One Way Out

​Publisher: Silhouette 
ISBN 0-373-27281-2

"Say that again."     Without looking at his face, she knew he was trying to decide whether to believe her. She'd obviously shocked him. She'd shocked herself. She had never intended to confess such a thing.     She forced her eyes open and tried to pull away from him. When that didn't work, she tried to dodge his eyes, but he easily countered that by moving his free hand to the back of her head to force her to look at him.     His voice was softer when he finally asked, "There's been no one since me? Is that what you're saying, Rhea? No kissing? No touching? No sex?"     She tried to wiggle free, but his hand splayed over her backside and cemented her to him more firmly than before.

He stared at her wet lips. "Three years is a long time, darlin"."     He didn't need to tell her how long it had been, and that's why he had to let go of her. As if he read her mind, he gyrated his hips, clearly letting her feel his aroused state.     Oh God...     "You remember, don't you, Rhea? If you remember how I like my eggs and coffee, you sure as hell remember the rest."​

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-21821-4

Government agent Sly McEwen knew the rules when he agreed to play ---- join the Onyxx Agency for seven years, and at the end of it, disassemble. Disavow. Disappear. But he also knew he was going to have to bend the rules a little ---- because the chance of nailing the Chameleon, the mastermind behind dozens of unspeakable crimes, was too good to pass up. So Sly's version of the game led him to a fortress on a Greek island ---- and into the arms of beautiful Eva Creon, who just might be the daughter of Sly's target ....And Eva was enmeshed in a game of her own ---- one that she saw no way out of, until Sly showed her otherwise. She was all too aware of the danger he'd gotten her out of. But as she looked into his seductive gaze, she couldn't help but wander what danger he'd gotten her into.

Sleeping with Danger

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-27559-5

Publisher: Silhouette® Romantic Suspense

He'd been left for dead. But Onyxx intel agent Sully Paxton is actually very much alive, a prisoner in the Greek island fortress of terrorist mastermind the Chameleon. And when an exotic nymph appears outside his cell, the resourceful agent sees his chance at freedom -- provided he stays focused and doesn't fall for her.Melita Krizova has an agenda -- and a secret of her own: she's the Chameleon's daughter. Looking to escape her father's cruelty, she needs Sully as much as he needs her. But Melita dreads what will happen if Sully finds out he's in bed with the daughter of his worst enemy -- literally!

Merrick's Eleventh Hour

Publisher: Silhouette® Romantic SuspenseRomantic Times BOOK review - Top Pick

Wendy Rosnau's latest in the SPY GAMES series is terrific. Merrick's Eleventh Hour (4½) is a splendid mixture of murder and mayhem, and secrets and lies, with a creepy villain thrown in for good measure. At the center is a love story that many have readers believing that true love never dies.Adolf Merrick -- code name Icis -- has discovered a mole in the NSA Onyxx Agency, which has allowed his nemesis to stay one step ahead. In a plot to capture his enemy, Merrick kidnaps the man's wife -- who mysteriously has his own dead wife's face! With the clock ticking and the stakes high, Merrick is in a race against time for the truch.Seventh book in SPYGAMES miniseries

Undercover Nightingale

Publisher: Silhouette® Romantic Suspense ISBN 13:978-0-373-27506-9

Appearances can be ...Deadly! And this was a lesson Ash Kelly, explosives expert for ONYXX, should have learned long ago. For though he's more than lived down his past -- as son of the world's most renowned drug lord -- he once again has to pretend to be in the business. All in a day's work. But he knows what his story is. Which leaves him with the question of Jazmin Grant. Who is this beautiful Frenchwoman, and who does she work for? And why, despite every indication that she works for the Chameleon, so sparks fly every time they're together?Well, he is an explosives expert, after all...​

The Spy With The Silver Lining

Publisher: Silhouette Bombshell™

ISBN 0-373-51403-4

She makes the best of any dangerous game.     Known as a cool seductress with a taste for couture, chic superspy Casmir Balasi had played her role too well this time -- getting love-struck master criminal Yuri Petrov to propose on bended knee ... and fall into her trap. But it wasn't long before Yuri caught on -- and when he escaped prison, he vowed to enforce "til death do us part." Now Casmir was saddled with an arrogant if irresistible bodyguard, sent by an agency that didn't have her best interests at heart. Would her protector's secret agenda place her in the hands of her worst enemy? Or would she fall into her defender's arms instead? One thing was certain -- surviving this deadly game required the performance of a lifetime....

Perfect Assassin


With the world's most wanted assassin behind bars, the good men of ONYXX could relax. Until the killing started again—and every shot bore the mark of the master. But that was impossible...wasn't it?     Beautiful and mysterious, Prisca Reznik had been trained by the best. And now it was time for her to polish off the men on her father's kill file—beginning with Jacy "Moon" Madox, the man who'd supposedly killed her mother.​

But when she crash-landed into his backyard, Moon seemed to target her as the love of his life. Soon— when Prisca realized who Moon was—she would be targeting him, too. For very different reasons...

The Spy Wore Red

Publisher: Silhouette Bombshell™

She Had Moves No One Could Match

And that kept superspy Nadja Stefn alive on many an undercover assignment. Until one slip changed the game forever.

​It happened one icy cold night ... two spies on the run, holing up together ... the night Nadja wore red. They exchanged no names, and five years later Nadja still didn't know the identity of her child's father. Until she was chosen for a mission that paired her with her mystery lover.

When the assassin they're after kidnaps their daughter, Nadja faces a terrible choice: 
A) deliver her daughter to this vicious criminal, or B) lose her child forever. But master game player Nadja might just go with option C ...


Wendy Rosnau

“A love affair with books” CatTale's founder and previous owner, Wendy Rosnau, is also the author of fourteen romantic suspense novels.

Wendy Rosnau lives in Brainerd, Minnesota with her dog and gardens. She now divides her time between her family and writing romantic suspense. In her spare time she enjoys reading, painting and drawing, traveling and spending time with her family. Wendy's first book, The Long Hot Summer, was a Romantic Times Magazine nominee for the prestigious Best First Series Romance Award for 2000. Wendy's third book, The Right Side of the Law, is a Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK.​  Stop by CatTale's Books & Gifts and pick up one of her books, today!



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Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-077996-6# 996 March

This lazy little town in the Louisiana bayou country was never going to be the same-at least, not if local bad boy Johnny Bernard had anything to say about it. He'd come back to turn up the heat on some of the town's most "upstanding" citizens-the ones who'd sent him to prison for a crime he hadn't committed .......But he hadn't counted on Nicole Chapman-and another kind of heat altogether. The beautiful blonde with the shadowed past awoke a desire that flashed through him like summer lightning.But could their passion survive the secrets of the past-secrets that could set this town on fire.......?

"Gifted new author Wendy Rosnau debuts with THE LONG HOT SUMMER........." "The sultry ambiance complements the steamy love story as Ms. Rosnau proves herself a skilled interpreter of the romance genre. " (4 stars) ROMANTIC TIMES March 2000"

Ms. Rosnau threads mystery and romance throughout her story. " " She keeps the reader alert and guessing at each new plot twist........." " You'll find yourself racing to the explosive conclusion." RENDEZVOUS March 2000"

THE LONG HOT SUMMER was a nominee for the Reviewers Choice BEST FIRST SERIES ROMANCE of 2000. " "

This is an annual selection given by the ROMANTIC TIMES magazine."

Just Say Yes

by Wendy Rosnau

Stephanie "Stevie" Arnou had just inherited a Louisiana legacy. And a business partner. Justus Walker was part restaurant owner, part sheriff and all male. Even as health-conscious Stevie's stomach rebelled against the fat-laden menu at the famous Muddy Bar and Grill, her heart fluttered at Justus's gaze, his touch. It seemed that Muddy's menu wasn't the only danger to her heart!by USA TODAY bestselling author Cait LondonYears ago Carly Redford left small-town life-arid her small-town husband—in search of some excitement. Now she was back in town...and in ex-husband Tucker Redford's life. Soon familiar passions were building between them, but would heated quarrels and fiery kisses lead to something more...or would Tucker end up burned again? by Carolyn ZaneShe was a consummate good girl. He was a carefree bachelor. Who better to set up on reality dating show Blindside Date! Old-fashioned Jayde Springer was turned off by Garrett Davis's wild lifestyle. But Garrett was intrigued by her innocent beauty. Would the promise of Jayde's sweet kiss tame the playboy?

Last Man Standing

Publisher: Silhouette ISBN 0-373-27297-9

Lucky Masado was already heir to one throne-but he'd had another thrust upon him. And he was in between those two worlds when into his life walked Elena Tandi. The spirited beauty was full of questions, and she was not going to like his answers.Elena knew that Lucky Masado could shed light on who her family really was. But she could not have anticipated the passion she would have for him, a street soldier who was about to embark on a long-anticipated battle. When it was over, there would be only one man standing. Would it be Lucky? And would she be the woman by his side?